Volkswagen ID.2all SUV teased looking like a lifted, spicy hatchback

It's the rugged sibling to the regular ID.2all EV

Volkswagen revealed the ID.2all concept earlier this year to great fanfare. It’s a small, electric hatchback that looks attractive, and most important, the production version was claimed to have a starting price under $30,000. The only problem is that VW has said this awesome, little vehicle is not currently slated to be sold in the U.S. Sad trombone.

Nevertheless, we have more news related to the ID.2all to share today, and it’s all to do with the teaser you see at the top of this post. VW is making an SUV version of the standard hatchback, and it’s going to be called the ID.2all SUV. Creative name, right? At any rate, the general silhouette and shape of the SUV looks mighty similar to the regular hatchback, which is a great thing to see. The major differences are in the much chunkier-looking fenders and the triple slats on the rearmost pillar. It almost looks like VW has given the ID.2all a wide-body kit with the way the fenders are bulging out, though we’re guessing the final product won’t appear as dramatic as this photo makes it out to be.

A similar-sized spoiler as is fitted to the regular hatchback protrudes from the rear, and its lighting design is reminiscent of the ID.2all, as well. However, we know you’re all much more curious about if the SUV version of the ID.2all will make it to the U.S., and we are, too. All we know for now is that the production vehicle will “arrive in 2026,” per a Volkswagen spokesperson’s tweet. We’ve reached out to VW in the U.S. to see if there's any chance it will be sold here, and a spokesperson tells us that "it is highly unlikely." Sadly, the SUV appears as though it will share the same fate as the hatchback on this side of the pond.

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