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GM, Komatsu to develop hydrogen fuel cells for gigantic electric mining truck

320-ton payload truck doesn't travel far, so refueling isn't much of a problem

Kodiak Robotics shows autonomous Ford F-150 for high-risk missions

Designed to get troops safely into and out of an area of operations

Tesla Cybertruck anti-flipping policy quietly reinstated again

Some buyers report seeing the lawsuit threat pop up in the order agreements.

Junkyard Gem: 2003 Land Rover Freelander SE3

Land Rover's first unibody, complete with removable rear canopy.

Tesla Cybertruck Wade Mode lifts the truck, pressurizes battery for water

No one has a clue what it does. And what are Overland and Baja modes?

Car Buying
Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series offered to reservation holders for $120,000

The limited-edition trim is said to be fully optioned with custom bits

Buying Guide
2024 Ford Maverick Review: Little truck still without peer and easy to love

A compact truck (available as a hybrid) turns out to be something we've needed

Ford Performance Ranger T1+ all dressed up for next month's Dakar Rally

Ford's first Dakar attempt, wants to finish in 2024, try to win in 2025

Tesla Cybertruck musings: Let's consider all the angles

It's here, it's different, and applause for that, but we have lots of questions

Toyota's beefy Land Cruiser 70 Series reintroduced in Japan

The 39-year-old LC has lived on in Australia. Now it returns home.

Tesla Cybertruck's amazing feats lack context and details (so don't get too excited)

Musk's presentation was all marketing, which is fine, but we need a closer look

2024 Toyota Tacoma factory accessory list leaked

The catalog includes skid plates and a bed extender

Tesla Cybertruck price, specs, features finally revealed — plus, Cyberbeast

It starts at an estimated $60,990, as first few trucks get handed to customers

Consumer Reports dings EVs, PHEVs on reliability, but that's not the whole story

A few bad apples drag down electrics; Mini vaults to No. 3 brand for reliability

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